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2021-10-13 00:07
Bawbags Athletic FC
Division 5:19
Manager: BlueITagain

New season,new league,same players!
Bawbags we're happy to see so many weel Kent faces amongst the opposition.
Back amongst good rivals, looking at team values, it might be a fight to avoid relegation.
But positive vibes, it's a really young team, got some good hopefuls, maybe struggle with too big a squad, but it just takes some bruisers to rough the kids up.
I will need to rotate or they will burn out.
Great engines, but growing laddies.
So got to keep them keen!
All the best to the other teams, might be a season or two to find our feet again.
Kudos [1]
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2021-12-02 California Surf Victory 0 0
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2021-11-30 Revolution Numaniods Mid-season. 0 0

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