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2022-03-01 00:31
UC Ceares
Division 3a
Manager: Davidt86

Make it or break it
Next game against Stockholms Stolther is a must win for us. We are looking to finish at the top of the league despite very tough opponents. It is a bit of a challenge to keep up with cup and league at the same time, but so far so good! We still have acitve result in cup, also currently we are holding top position in the league.

To keep us there, we will have to win every game till the end, and i dont see a reason why we wouldnt do that!
Kudos [1]
2022-08-19 FC Etoomilla Relegation 0 0
2022-08-19 NK Umjetno Heat Rises 1 1
2022-08-19 Newpark FC High & Low Week For Newpark 0 1
2022-08-18 Bernies Weekend FC BW pushed Malta out! Good rediense... 3 1
2022-08-18 Matchstick Men Never-ending season ends 0 1
2022-08-18 Rajala Sunrise BK Play Off Showdown 1 1
2022-08-18 Lads and Dan then Josh season round up 0 0
2022-08-18 California Surf A Perfect Season 0 0
2022-08-18 Monsters Co. Monsters' disappointing finish 0 0
2022-08-18 Kung Fu Hustle Dropped 0 1
2022-08-17 Error 404 klarat kontrakt 0 0
2022-08-17 Lumssoen II Could and should have done better! 0 0

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