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2021-06-09 23:06
Sons of Apollo
Division 1a
Menajer: Gmswjambo

Sons in threeway
Three sides are battling it out for promotion in Division 2b, with Semper Fortis and Real Narakar up there with Sons of Apollo gunning for a place in the second tier. 

Gmswjambo's side had Muppets UTD to thank for taking all three points against Semper Fortis, while Sons drew at London United. The point gained was enough to leapfrog SF at the top and maintain a two-point lead over Narakar, held by Bajen Avalanche. 

The thrilling climax to the season looks set to go to the wire at both ends of the table, with the fourth to sixth placed sides all on 15 points, and Tivoli Millers not quite out of it four points adrfit, although with only two games to go their odds of survival are huge.
Kudos [1]
2021-01-09 Gördesspor Gördesspor 3 Puani 3 Golle Aldi 0 0
2020-12-20 Gördesspor 90+1 De 3 Puan 0 0
2020-12-06 Gördesspor Gördesspor'da 6 Imza Birden 0 0

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