The forums
In Xpert Eleven there are two different kinds of forum. From the lobby you can access the global forum and also there is a specific league forum within every league.

In the global forum you can have discussions with others who play Xpert Eleven. General discussions about tactics or discussions on just about anything else. But stick to the right forum. That is, write questions about tactics in the tactics forum and nowhere else.

Within every league you can access that league's forum where you can have discussions with your opponents.

Normal netiquette applies in all forums. Discussions should be conducted in good tone and offensive language or statements are not allowed.

We expect everyone to respect the forum rules (see below). In the forums we have a number of designated moderators who are there to uphold order and ensure that the rules are obeyed. Follow the moderators’ guidelines. If a moderator tells you to drop a subject or cut out a behaviour, do so.

Violation of the forum rules can lead to punishments (penalty points or bans). Punishments are handed out by our moderators. Repeated violations of the rules lead to harsher punishments. In extreme cases violations of the forum rules can lead to exclusion from Xpert Eleven.

Please also note that there could be additional rules in different forums.

The following rules apply in our forums:

§1. The author is responsible for his/her posts.
All opinions in posts represent those of the author, not the forum or the forum moderators. With critical statements it is expected that the author takes full responsibility and can provide evidence for them. Allegations of match fixing, accusations of cheating, conspiracy theories about the game engine, injuries or any other form of injustice should not be posted on forums but reported to support and only accompanied by evidence. Personal attacks are not tolerated in any circumstances. With concrete arguments and a good dose of humility the response as well as the general tone will be much more pleasant!

§2. Converse in a pleasant way
You must converse in a pleasant and polite way to be allowed to take part in the discussions. Messages that are aggressive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, provoking or in any other way break the existing rules will be deleted. Any member who repeatedly posts such messages will lose his/her rights to post messages in the forums or may even lose his/her membership in Xpert Eleven.

§3. Stick to the subject and do not hijack threads.
You must stick to the subject when you start a new thread in a forum or when you contribute to an existing one. Posting of messages that have nothing to do with the subject in the thread or are not covered by any other forum is against the rules.

§4. Use clear headings.
When you start a new thread, give it a clear heading that is easy to understand and which describes the content in a clear way. Also use the right section of the forum for the thread. Examples of bad headings: "I have a question", "Why is it not working" and "ummm...". Examples of good headings: "How does the grouping of teams into different series work?", "Problems with viewing the game" and "A suggestion for the Xpert rating".

§5. No illegal or offensive messages or links.
Messages/links to pornographic, drug related or copyright material, information on how to get hold of such material or information violating existing laws are not tolerated.

§6. Try to find an answer before you ask a question.
To most of the questions concerning the game you can find answers in the FAQ, in the rules of the game, or here in the forum. See if you can find an answer before you ask a question in the forum. This will make the forum easier to navigate for newcomers and others who are looking for information.

§7. Sensible signatures.
Signatures containing leagueID:s, offensive material, links to sites with offensive or illegal material will be removed.

§8. League invitations only allowed in the league contact forum.
League invitations are only allowed in the league contact forum. These will be deleted if they appear in other forums and the author can be held to account.

§9. The forum is not a place for chatting. If you have nothing sensible to say, do not write anything.
For the forum not to be full of unnessecary messages, you should avoid answering if you have not got a worthwhile answer to offer. No one has any interest in reading "oh" or "I dont know" or "Haha". If you do not have a good answer then you should not answer. In addition you should not have private discussions. These should be conducted via private messages in the mailbox.

§10. Do not act as a forum police or a know-all.
If you think anyone is breaking any of the above rules do not complain about that person in the forums. Report the message or contact the moderators via the mailbox instead.

§11. Contact moderators via mail
Discussions regarding moderator decisions/behaviours should be done directly with the moderator and not in the forums. This specifically includes discussion of locked threads. When moderators close them, it is for a good reason. If they have not posted the reason in the thread or you do not find their explanation satisfactory, discuss this with the moderator through the mail.

§12. Unnecessary thread bumping is not allowed
Do not bump old threads where further discussion is not desired.

We expect everyone to respect all the above rules. In the forum we have a number of designated moderators who are there to uphold order and ensure the above rules are obeyed. If you have any complaints about our moderators you should contact someone in the Xpert Eleven team via the mailbox.