League rating
The league rating should be a guidance for managers that are looking for a league to apply for. A league with a high rating should be a good insurance for it being an active and fair league.

The league rating will take the following into consideration:
1) The league's active managers xpert rating
2) The league's active managers risk value
3) The league's league admin's xpert rating
4) The league's league admin's risk value
5) How many managers that are vip members
6) If the league admin is a vip member
7) The league's active managers absence
8) The league's league admin's absence
9) The share of teams that are inactivated
10) The size of the league

All leagues with at least one active team will be ranked.

The "risk value" is a hidden approximate value that all users have. The higher value the more likely it is that the user may use more than one user account and in other words are cheating. Leagues with cheaters are most likely to be closed down quite soon when the cheaters are revealed. But by giving "risky" leagues a lower league rating we hope that less innocent managers will be affected.

The league rating also takes the xpert rating into consideration, making it more hurtful for the league to let managers with low xpert rating in to their league. This will hopefully make it harder for league jumpers and the xpert rating will be more important even for the vip members. Especially if the user is a league admin for his league.

In the advanced search mode the leagues will be shown according to league rating with the highest rated leagues at the top (default). Note that in the advanced search mode you can only search among leagues that have vacancies and have 6 or more teams. If you want to search for leagues which have no vacancies at the moment you must check that search criteria. Other criterias you can use in the advanced search mode is average age of members in the league, league system, match days or if the league uses dirty tricks, direct transfers, prebought VIP or player name changes. All leagues can see their own rating on the league info page. When you place the mouse pointer on the league rating, you will see the exact rating of your league.

League skill
The skill value will be based on the manager's performances in the league during the past 3 months. The skill ranking will be shown in a tooltip that will appear when you place the mouse pointer above the skill bars. Only leagues with at least 4 active managers will receive a skill value.