User settings
Some of the information you submit when registering as a member of Xpert Eleven you can change afterwards by choosing the menu alternative "Settings" in the lobby. If you happen to move from the region you registered in you can change this here as well.

It is very important that you always have a functioning email-address. Therefore make sure that you change the email-address you submitted if it for any reason stops working. Without a functioning email-address we are not able to send you your password in case you should forget it.

When you change your email-address a password will be sent to the new address with which you will have to log on once for the change of email to go through. This is only done to verify that you have a functioning email-address. You still use your old password as you did before, this new password is only used once for the change of email-address to go through.

On the user settings page you can also change your password. You do this by entering your present password and then entering a new password. A valid password must contain at least 6 characters.

If you have a team in one of the Xpert Leagues or the Xpert Ladies it can be good to set Press release languages. Only press releases written in the selected languages will be shown. Note that these settings are only used in our official league system (Xpert Leagues and Xpert Ladies).

You can set your own time zone so that you will be presented the correct date and time of where you are. If you don´t save anything yourself you will be presented the server time (CET).

Game settings
Use the old tactics screen - We have two different tactic pages. One that we call the old one and one is the new one. The old tactic page is more based on text while the new tactic page is more graphical.
Receive notice when you´ve been added as new friend - A mail is sent to your global mailbox when someone add you as friend.
Enable tactic reminders by email - If you click this you will get an email sent to your registered email adress when you haven´t set your tactics within a certain time aspect before a game. The certain time aspect can be chosen below under the subject "Tactics reminders in the lobby". This time option also gives you reminders in the lobby when tactics haven´t been set a certain time aspect before a game.

Blocked users
In this list you will see users that you chose to block from contacting you. You can delete wrongly blocked users here as well. To block someone means that they can´t contact you, they can´t write in your guest book, they can´t mail you, they can´t comment your prs or your games (unless you play a team of the blocked user).

Other settings on this page are setting your favourite teams, upload an avatar and if you are a VIP member you can also type in a signature that you can use in our forums. If you have logged in with Facebook but rather would like to play the game from the main site you can also from your user settings page disconnect from Facebook.