Xpert Champions League
Xpert Champions League is a playoff where the best team and the best manager in Xpert Eleven are decided and they will earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

Group stage and playoffs
XCL is played in 8 groups with 4 teams in each group. The 2 best teams in each group advance to the playoffs. The playoff matches are played over two legs except for the final which is one legged. The round of 16 are played as follows: The highest ranked group winner plays the lowest ranked runner-up etc.

Qualifications for the XCL
To qualify for XCL you must either win the top division of an Xpert League or the cup in an Xpert League. If a team wins "the double" (the top division and the cup) in an Xpert League, the runners-up in the cup qualify for XCL. No teams automatically qualify for the XCL, not even the champions from the previous year. Teams must qualify for a place in XCL every new season.

Prize money
The winner: 5 000 000 econ (12 months of vip status)
Runner-up: 3 000 000 econ (6 months of vip status)
Knocked out in the semi-finals: 2 000 000 econ (3 months of vip status)
Knocked out in the quarter-finals: 1 000 000 econ

Every point in the group stage gives the team 150 000 econ.