A straight league system where the number of series per level is static.

A league system according to a pyramid model where the number of series in a division/level is twice as many as in the division/level above.

A league system according to a pyramid model where the number of series in a division/level is three times as many as in the division/level above.


An agent is a virtual person trying to sell players to your club. They are more or less reliable.



A tactical choice you can use in every game to make your players try to gain advantages by using unsportsmanlike behaviour.

A league system played as a tournament with groups and playoffs as in Champions League.

Close teams
A close team is a team whose manager has logged in from the same computer as another team.


A level in a league system.

Dirty tricks
An unconventional method a team can use against other teams to weaken their team. Can be deactivated by league administrator.


Before you decide to buy a player you can evaluate him to get exact and expanded information. There's a fee to evaluate a player.


Favourite team
A favourite team is a team that you've chosen to follow and have easier access to watch.

Financial report
Your financial transactions from the past 2 weeks.

Formation of players used by a team in a game, I.E. 4-4-2.

Form notations
A form notation is a form status that a player shows during a time between two form status changes.

Form training
Extra training that can be ordered for a player whose purpose is to heighten his form and turn a hidden form tendencies positive.



Hidden form tendencies
A hidden boolean value on a player which is either positive or negative. A positive value makes a players form go up when a normal form update is run and a negative value works the other way around.

Home advantage
A hidden value that controls how big home advantage a team gets. The better a team is at home the worse they are away. It is proportional.

A thermometer shown on your team page that visually shows how hot your team is at the moment. It is based on your 5 last games (does not include friendlies).





League admin
The league admin is the person who runs and administrates a league.

League menu
Menu with links to the pages that concerns a specific league or division. It's available to the right on your league pages.

League type
A category of leagues regarding gender and nationality. 2 leagues consisting of the same gender and nationality is of the same league type.

The part of Xpert Eleven that is outside the leagues. In the lobby you find your Xpert profile and hyperlinks to your team/teams.


Market transfer
A transfer system that a league can use where all transfers are generated by the users.

Match report
The page where team line up, results and events are shown for a specific match between two teams.

A member that has extra authority in the forum to keep them clean and tidy and that the forum rules are followed.


Normal form update
The form update that is controlled by the hidden form tendency and a random number. Normal form update is run directly or adjacent with games and during season update.



Player offers
An offer from a agent about buying a player. Offers can be private in your mailbox or public on the Transfer market.

Private league
A private league is an unofficial league created and administrated by its league admin, typically created to gather friends, colleagues or other people with something in common.




Season update
Season update is run on a league and its teams when the season is over. Trophies and bonuses are handed out and merits are added. A skill update of all players is also made.

A team visiting another team´s team page. VIP members can see the 5 latest spies.

A supporter is someone who has chosen another team in the league as his favourite team


Tactic report
An add-on to the match report where the team´s tactical strategies are shown. Available for free on your own game but it costs 35 000 econ to view other matches´ tactic reports.

Team menu
Menu with hyperlinks to pages concerning a specific team. Is available in the right hand side on all team pages.

Transfer market
This is the market place for buying players.

Training report
All form trainings from the past 4 weeks are shown here.



A member who financially contributes to Xpert Eleven and gets extra functionality in the shape of info, stats and more. Your team will not get better and won't get any advantages by becoming a VIP-member


Xpert Champions League
In XCL Xpert Eleven´s best manager/team is crowned. To qualify for XCL you must either win the top division in an Xpert league or win the equivalent cup.

Xpert Eleven Team
The people working with development and maintenance of Xpert Eleven and responsible for the game.

Xpert league
An official league controlled by Xpert Eleven.

Xpert pools
A league specific page where the managers can bet on 6 randomly chosen games and have a chance to win some money.

Xpert Text
TextTV that is available for VIP members in "The Game". You can follow up to 6 games either from your league or with your favourite teams.