Special qualities
Special player qualities:
Each quality is such that a player either has it or not. The qualities are shown with small symbols and if you place the mouse pointer over the symbols you get a brief description of the quality. Note that these special qualities have a very marginal effect compared to the skill and form of a player. This means you can manage quite alright without getting to bogged down in the special qualities. They are above all there to give players some character but if you make good use of them you can gain a slight advantage. However, as mentioned above, it is the skill and form of a player that is most important. There are a number of special qualities and there are more to come:

If a player has this symbol it means the player is easily injured. The risk is double that of a normal player.

If a player has this symbol he/she is money fixated and will perform considerably better if a bonus for winning is promised but without any bonus the player will perform below his/her capacity.

A player with this quality likes to train a lot. All increases in form will be 25% greater and all reductions will be 25% smaller.

A player with this symbol of a joker is an all-round player who can play in any position with only a minor loss in skill. An outfield player who is all-round will perform at 85% of his/her capacity (60% for normal players) in a position he/she is not used to and 60% of his/her capacity playing in goal. Goalkeepers who are all-round will perform at 60% of their capacity when playing in any other position.

Players that are intelligent have a good understanding of the game and are able to read the situations better and find ways to play like no other. An intelligent player can in other words be useful both in the defence and in the offence. Goalkeepers and defenders can ward off chances by reading the opponents intentions. Midfielders and forwards can find smart ways to get around the opponents defence. This special quality has no negative side. In addition to this the intelligent player will also perform a little better as playmaker than if he/she didn't have this special quality. Note that the player's skill still is important when you choose a playmaker. But if the difference in skill between the midfielders isn't very big then this special quality might give you more options.

If a player has this symbol he/she has deep feelings for the club and he/she will perform roughly 5% better than players without this quality. He/she will also fight harder than others when the team is struggling and will perform an extra 3% better than other players if your team is losing.

For a player to get this quality he/she either has to play at least 14 competitive matches for the club or have been in the club for at least 3 months. If a player has been to the club more than 3 months and hasn't received the red heart yet, he needs to play at least one more competitive match for the team in order to get that symbol. Players who belonged to the original squad (i.e when the team was formed) as well as players brought up from the youth team will have this quality from the start.

If a player has this symbol it means he/she has played at least 100 competitive matches for the club and has become a legend in the club. This golden heart replaces the ordinary heart. A player with a golden heart will also fight harder when the team is struggling. So if the team is losing the player with a golden heart will perform another 3% better than a player with an ordinary heart.

A player with this symbol is a specialist in taking freekicks. Keep in mind though that how good a player is in taking freekicks also depends a lot on his skill level. This means that a player with this quality but with low skill will not be very good in taking freekicks, This quality however makes a player twice as good on freekicks compared to a player of equal skill but without this quality.

A player with this quality is cool headed and handles pressure well. A player with the ice cube is better at taking penalties and a goalkeeper with this quality will be somewhat better at saving penalties compared to a goalkeeper without this special quality. Also, every player with this quality will perform somewhat better during the last part of the games and also in extra time as his ability to cope with the situation mentally is better than other players.

Players with this quality are leaders. They prefer to lead the team and do not want to just be one in the crowd. They are not very fond of other leaders competing with them to be team captain. They can accept not being team captain as long as the captain is a considerably better player and therefore deserves respect. However if the captain is a player of equal or even less skill they will not be happy especially if the captain is also a leader. A leader is perfect in the role of team captain and if he/she is one of the team's more skilled players he/she will inspire the rest of the team to achieve more and be especially useful when the team is struggling. Read more about the role of the team captain in the section on tactics.

If a player has this symbol he/she is a real tough guy who tackles hard and is not very pleasant to play against. Because this type of player plays near the limit of what is allowed he/she gets more yellow and red cards than others. This player doesn't perform as well as other players when the team is instructed to play carefully. But he will perform better than others when the team is instructed to play bruising.

A player with this symbol talks a lot on the pitch and is the one who complains to the referee when things go against him/her or the team. This all too often results in unnecessary yellow and red cards.

A player with this quality, represented by an oscar's statuette, is a real play-actor who tries to gain advantages through unsportsmanlike and dishonest methods. He/she quite often succeeds because practice makes perfect, but because of the dubious methods he/she uses he/she also gets more yellow and red cards, especially when the referee is more skilled. It is good to have players with this quality in the team when you are using cheating tactics.

A player with this symbol is a moody player. This means the player's performance can vary quite a bit depending on his/her mood. It can vary from 30% below to 30% above normal capacity. It will be different from match to match but it will not vary during a match. The mood of the player depends only on if he/she is having a good day or not and is independent of other factors such as skill and form.

A player with this symbol is a diva, which means that he/she think he is better than the other players and finds it harder to get along with the other players. This means that it will take longer for the player's team work value to adjust to the other players team work values. A normal player's (that is not a diva) team work value will after each played game move one step towards the average value of his/her team mates team work values. But the diva's team work value will not necessarily move the team work value in the right direction. The diva's team work value stay at the same value or even move in the opposite direction. Eventually all players in a team will have about the same team work value but it will take a little longer for the diva to adjust to the others or in the case with the diva it will be more like the others adjusting to the diva. Read more about the team work values in the rules in the section about the match report. Also worth mentioning about offers from the agents is that the special quality diva is, only revealed if you evaluate the player. Also the diva icon is only visible for the team owner.
Divas are very demanding and if given their favourite shirt number their performance will improve slightly. If they do not get their favourite number their performance will suffer a bit.

A player with this quality is more accurate delivering long passes and crosses. It also means the player is reasonably good at taking freekicks variations as he/she can lift the ball with accuracy close to goal. A freekick taker with this quality is equally good at set piece freekicks as "Powerful shot quality" is good at direct free kicks. It´s also a slight increase in chances being created from the wings when this player is involved in the scoring opportunity.

5 special qualities for outfield players only
A player with this symbol is a player like Ronald Koeman who can fire away excellent shots from outside the penalty area. This player thus performs at his/her best when having opportunities to shoot from a distance. A player with this quality is also reasonably good at taking freekicks as he/she can rely on his/her powerful shot. His/her capacity in taking freekicks is however 20% below that of a specialist and he/she is no good at freekick variations. A player with this quality can however be a good alternative to take freekicks if you have not got a specialist in your team.

Players with this symbol are very quick and can outpace most players. To be quick is good when alone against the goalkeeper but it is also good to have quick defenders who can catch players that have broken away from the defence. A player with this quality will be slightly better than others at scoring when alone with the goalkeeper.

A player with this symbol is a good header of the ball and will dominate in the air.

Players with this symbol have a good sense of where the goal is and often end up in the right place at the right time. In other words they have goal instincts and are real goalpredators. Players with this quality are at their best in the penalty area.

Players with this symbol don't get tired as much as other players during a match. How big the advantage for the players with this symbol depending on how the team is playing and what opponent they are facing. Stuff that makes players tired are chasing the ball, use of pressure and aggression.

4 special qualities for goalkeepers only
Goalkeepers with this symbol often position themselves well and are a little better at saving shots from a distance than other ways of scoring.

Goalkeepers with this symbol are good at one on ones and often make the alone attacker's legs tremble. They are better than other goalkeepers in stopping attackers who have broken away from the defence.

If a goalkeeper has this symbol he/she is good at catching high balls. This type of goalkeeper is thus good at defending against crosses.

Goalkeepers with this symbol have quick reactions and are good at saving shots from close range. They are thus better at saving shots from within the penalty area than other ways of scoring.