Xpert profile
You find the Xpert profile in the upper right corner in the lobby. In the Xpert profile you can see how long you have been a member at Xpert Eleven and if you are a VIP-member you also see how many days are left of your VIP-membership. You also see your Xpert rating and this is shown on applications to join a league so the league boss can see it when deciding whether to approve your application. In the Xpert profile you also see the number of teams you are allowed to have and any applications you have sent that are waiting for approval.

The Xpert rating
The Xpert rating is a measure of how active and serious you are as a manager. If you place the mouse pointer over the Xpert rating (the horizontal bar) you will see your exact rating.
The Xpert rating is based on:
1) You start with 25 points.
2) Number of days on which you have logged on during the last 3 months (maximum 75 points)
3) Number of days on which you have issued press statements of more than 150 characters in the Xpert leagues during the last 2 months. Each day is worth 1,5 points. (maximum 30 points)
4) Members recruited to the site during the past 3 months. (Max 30 points) Read more about recruitments here.
5) The number of penalty points you have been given.

Penalty points are given in the following situations:
1) A press statement that is deleted in the Xpert leagues by the league admin or a moderator. Gives -5.
2) If you leave a (non-Xpert) league or are sacked, you may get some penalty points. Whether you get penalty points and how many depend on a) whether you quit or are sacked, b) whether you play for a full season or leave before a season has started, and c) how many times you've left other leagues recently. If you are sacked instead of quitting, if you play out full seasons, and if you don't often leave leagues, your penalties will be less. (One exception is if you have a red triangle warning due to VIP running out; in this case you can leave a league without penalty. See the section on team quota for more on this).
3) A comment in the Xpert Daily that has to be deleted by an official. Gives -4.
4) An attempt to access a page which the user is not entitled to access. Gives -40. (So don't try to access restricted pages, be careful about clicking links provided by others that go to mailboxes or admin pages, and don't try to access pages by typing things into the address bar - instead follow appropriate links).
5) When a user is issued with a forum ban penalty points are automatically issued. Gives -5 to -50.
6) In addition we in the X11 team can give penalty points if a user misbehaves or breaks any rules. Between -5 and -50 points.
You keep penalty points for 3 months.

Manager skill
If you have a team in an Xpert league your skills as a manager will be graded every competitive game your team are playing. The manager skill is based on your performance as a manager in competitive matches 6 months back. If you coach your team well you will get a higher manager skill. The manager skill value is based on the same values that the coach of the round in the Xpert eleven is based on. The manager skill in the Xpert Ladies is also based on competitive games 6 months back.

Lets say you play only one match per month and you received these grades
April: 10
May: 5
June: 4
July: 8
August: 8
September: 6

This means that you would have a manager skill of 41 (10+5+4+8+8+6=41)

But only the performances the past 6 months count. So in October you will play another match and get a new grade but the grade for April will expire.

Lets say your grade for the match in October will be 6.

Then your manager skill after this will be 37 (5+4+8+8+6+6=37)

In this example your manager skill would decrease.

To increase your manager skill in October you would need to do a performance greater than 10 which was your grade of the performance in April which will expire in October.

Assigned team quota
The assigned team quota shows how many leagues you can join. The leagues are divided into 2 different types; Xpert leagues and private leagues. Xpert leagues are the official leagues that make up the official championship here at Xpert Eleven. Private leagues are leagues created by you or any other member here at Xpert Eleven.

Everyone has the right to join 1 Xpert league and 3 private leagues.

If you are VIP you are allowed two more teams in private leagues, that means 1 xpert league and 5 private leagues.

If you arenĀ“t VIP you can increase your team quota by increasing your xpert rating. If you have an xpert rating of 55 or higher, then you are allowed one more private league team, that means 1 xpert league and 4 private league teams. If your xpert rating is 90 or higher, your team quota will yet again increase, that means 1 xpert league and 5 private league teams.

The Xpert rating you see in the lobby and if you place the mouse pointer on the horizontal bar that shows your Xpert rating you will get information on your exact Xpert rating.

The maximum number of private leagues you can join is 5. VIP-members always have access to the full team quota regardless of Xpert rating.