Xpert pools
In the Xpert pools you can bet on games in the league. Each round you try and pick the winner in up to 6 matches and the manager who get the most right will win the pot. If there is more than one manager with the same score the pot will be split.

The standard stake is 200 000 econ but the league boss can change the stakes before each round. The minimum is 50 000 econ and the maximum is 300 000 econ. If the league boss chooses to do this the change will not come into effect until the following round. After each round of matches a new betting round is generated as soon as anyone enters the Xpert pools.

The winnings are paid out immediately after the games have been played. You can see statistics on who won this round and how many points each manager that took part scored. The statistics can be viewed either per round, for the season as a whole or for all-time.

You choose 1 for a home win, X for a draw and 2 for an away win. When you have filled in your predictions you press the "Hand in coupon" button. You must bet on all the games and of course have the money to cover the bet. Once you have handed in your coupon you cannot change it, it is final. Furthermore, you cannot hand in more than one coupon per round. In the "1", "X" and "2" columns you can see your opponents predictions.

The pot consists only of the money the teams in the league have wagered and goes fully to the winner or winners. If in one round only one person takes part this team will get his stake back.

The league boss can if he/she wants set a limit to the amount of possible winnings. Then one team will never receive more than that limit and the rest will vanish in smoke.