Youth academy
Every now and then you will recieve messages in your mailbox saying you have a talented player in the youth team who wants to try his/her luck in the team. These offers will appear at least after 30 days without an offer as long as the transfer window in the league is opened. If it´s not open you won´t receive a talent and it could then be more than 30 days since the last offer. When you receive an offer you can choose either to give the player a chance and move him/her up into the team or you just ignore the offer and will then lose the player for good. If you decide to give the player a chance it will cost the team 30 000 econ in licence fees, you do this by clicking the button "Give the player a chance".

Youth academy investments
The investment is a weekly investment that will increase the quality of the youth academy. If you choose not to do any investment then you can non expect to get any useful talents. But the higher investment the bigger chances of getting good talents from the youth academy. There will still be a random factor involved so that a team may be luckier with the talents than others.

The weekly investments that you can make are: 

Investment/Maximum level 
0 econ/½ star 
50 000 econ/2 stars 
100 000 econ/3 stars 
150 000 econ/3½ stars 
200 000 econ/4 stars 
250 000 econ/4½ stars 
300 000 econ/5 stars 

2 stars are approximately the same level as the situation today before this feature was implemented.

The following image shows skill of the talents handed out on different max levels. Please note that this image disregards the age of the talents. For old talents the graph will be better than displayed in the image and for young talents the graph won't be as good as in the image. Also there will no talents offered with lower skill than 2 skill bars.

The following image shows the skill of the 17 year old talents handed out on different max levels. This image is disclosed just to confirm that young talents in general will have slightly lower skill compared to old talents.

In both images you will also find a curve that represents how it was before this feature was added in July 2011. 

The investments have no effect on the frequency of the talent offers or the age of the talents or special qualities of the talents. That is the same for all no matter how much you invest. The investments only affect the skill of the talents.

It will take about 3 weeks investments of 50 000 econ to reach 2 stars.
  It will take about 5 weeks investments of 100 000 econ to reach 3 stars. 
It will take about 7 weeks investments of 200 000 econ to reach 4 stars. 
It will take about 10 weeks investments of 300 000 econ to reach 5 stars. 
The examples above are if you start from 0.

If you stop investing when you are at 3 stars then it will take about 5 weeks to be down at 1 star. 
If you reduce your investment from 300 000 to 100 000 econ when you are at 5 stars then it will take about 5 weeks until you are down at 3 stars.

Newly created teams will always start a level that is similar to the quality of the youth academy today (2 stars). When a manager is sacked then the investment will stop automatically.

The investment update that will withdraw the investment from the team's funds and update the level of the youth academy will be scheduled to the night between Monday and Tuesday after the press bonus update. 

If a team doesn't have the funds to cover the set weekly investment then no money will be taken and the weekly investment level will be set to 0 econ. The investment will also automatically stop if a manager is sacked or resign. The level of the youth academy will then be reduced for each week until a new investment is set or the youth academy level eventually gets down to 0.