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This is a press release
This is an example of an press release. The league admin should write a press statement here for the invited members of the league to read. The league admin should inform of his/her intentions with the league.

All members in the league should also write press releases to inform the others about news around their team. The league will be more fun if the members issue press releases. The point with press releases is to interact with your opponents and tease them with news about for example your new star striker or interviews after matches. Its not meant to be a chat. For chatting and other discussions use the league forum or the mailbox.

The Xpert Eleven Crew

PS. This press release will disappear when the first real press statement is written in the league.
2020-10-29 Arsenal Young Guns In what was a must win . . . 0 0
2020-10-29 MFC press 0 0
2020-10-29 Barnsley Barracudas Press 0 1
2020-10-29 Puma Sprints Match preview 0 0
2020-10-29 Altea Rio Motive 5 Games 1 1
2020-10-28 Ironz Trick or Treat? Don't smell my feet! 0 0
2020-10-27 Team Rafael Press 0 0
2020-10-27 The Warriors Another game 0 0
2020-10-27 Rapid Bucharest FC Money 0 0
2020-10-27 New York Red Squirrels Up Against It 0 0
2020-10-26 Sporting Salford FC Five ......... 0 0
2020-10-26 Tyneside WildCats FC Strong 0 0

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